Our Services

Health and Safety legislation demands that employers ensure they are managing health and safety effectively within their organisation. All employers must appoint one or more competent persons to assist in complying with the requirements imposed under the relevant statory provisions.

SCaTS(UK)Ltd. will assist your business in:-

1. Ensuring complete legal compliance.

2. Providing a safe working environment for your personnel and visitors

3. Reducing the risk of suffering fines and prosecutions.

4. Enhancing your business profile and increase clients confidence.

5. Increasing productivity through less time lost due to accidents/work-related sickness and increased worker morale.

6. Reduction in insurance premiums.

We provide the following HSQ&E Services

  • Continuous updates to applicable health/safety legislation
  • Indentification and carrying out of basic training.
  • Legal advice and specific issues
  • Compliance audit against current legislation
  • Risk Assessment specific to your business
  • Policy and Procedure formulation
  • Job-specific risk assessment, method statements and safe systems of work
  • Regular audit and review of your business

Alternatively our support package Retainer, for a monthly fee.

  • 24 hour emergency telephone and email support
  • Regular legal safety alert updates
  • Regular systems audit and review
  • Compliance audits
  • Provision of Policy and Procedures documentation
  • Drafting and Review of risk assessment documentation
  • Site inspection and auditing